Understanding = Protection

Graphic of activists doing their thing in the world in the belly of the beast and in liberated zones carved out in the midst of movements

Why do we say that understanding equals protection for activists?

Legal defense, demonstrations, writing letters, community support and so much more are necessary to protect activists (which is why we’re compiling this Resource List). But protecting activists is an uphill struggle unless we create a climate of understanding, care and empathy for activists and activism.

Protect Our Activists is on a quest to explore activist culture and the activist experience, to expand our understanding of what it means, and what it takes, to be an activist.

We’re building understanding by exploring topics like…

Life in the Liberation zone

Life in the Liberated Zone

Observations on life in the spaces we carve out in the midst of movements to begin living the new world now.


Revolutionary Love is often cited as the unstoppable force, the power that holds the activist community together. But what exactly is it? How can we cultivate and care for it, mobilize it to defend against the Beast's vicious attacks?

Battles in the Belly of the Beast

What does it mean for activists to be in constant battle with "the Beast" in whose belly we live?

Activist Emotional Landscape

What are the emotional ups, downs, confusions and and struggles of being an activist, and how they affect us as individuals, movements and community.

Activist Culture

What is activist culture and how does it connect to our work and the way our work is understood?
We're delighted you will be joining us for Protect Our Activists' post-US election who-knows-what-will-happen- but-we-will-surely-be-needing-some-mind-freeing-fiction-right-about-then Fiction Featuring Activists webinar! We will look at some of our favorite fiction--novels, movies, TV, etc.--where activists and activism play a key role. And we'll explore why there are so few of same! For more on this topic check out Juliana Barnet's article, --- be discussing the importance of full and fair representation of social justice activists and movements in fiction, and the need to be aware of ways in which activists are invisibilized and stereotyped, and to create more fiction with stories of authentic, relatable folks who work to make a more just and compassionate world. 
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