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Our favorite fiction is full of police and superheroes. And activists?? Not so much. Let’s seek out stories with activists, the courageous first responders against injustice! And let’s look into why there aren’t more of them.

We’ll ask why activists–when they do appear–are so often shown as unappealing stereotypes, not real people.

Does this matter? If so, what can we do about it?


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The POA Fiction Featuring Activists List is a compilation of works of fiction in which activists and activism play a significant role. Use this form to:

  • Share info for books, movies, TV shows and narrative games with activist characters and stories.
  • Review fiction with a focus on how fully and fairly it portrays activists, using Protect Our Activists’ FFA Test.
  • Nominate a work of fiction featuring activists for our 10 Best and 10 Most In Need Of Improvement Awards!

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Stories of Our People (SOOP)

Sample filled-out FFA Test:
JB tests the movie Billie Elliot

Sample filled-out SOOP Questionnaire:
A few stories and burning questions from JB