POA Acknowledgements

We acknowledge our gratitude to the ground of all our material being, Earth, Pacha Mama. Our debt, dependence and connection to this planet can never be overstated. Nor, sadly, can the degree to which our species has damaged and threatened her.

We recognize our obligation and responsibility to do everything possible to be mindful of this debt, repair the damage,  protect Earth against further harm, transforming our own behavior, our communities, and society as a whole– towards being able to live in harmony and connection with her. 

We recognize that this land was settled by people who seized it from its original inhabitants–indigenous people, animals and plants, driving them out or destroying them.

In particular, this crime was carried out by European settler-colonizers, European governments, and subsequently–and to this day–U.S. government and private corporations and citizens.

Acknowledgment, while important, is only a first step toward the goal of full justice for Indigenous Peoples.

Native territories that Protect Our Activists people work in:

– Piscataway-Nacotchtank 

   – Cowlitz, Clackamas and Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Protect Our Activists wants to acknowledge the work of womxn that have gotten us to where we are.

We acknowledge that we stand on the shoulders of the unpaid, underpaid, and un- and under-thanked labor of womyn who have nurtured, served, taught, and done all the necessary, as well as the kind, human things that have allowed each of us to get to this place and time and be able to do our work and build on theirs.

We recognize that much of what makes our lives healthy, pleasant, and possible is due to the arduous and skillful labor of immigrant workers. 

We understand that migrants come to this country for many reasons, but many do so under duress because of dire situations in their own lands—often resulting from imperialist economic and political actions by the United States itself.

We are grateful for their hard work building, operating and serving much of the basic infrastructure, services and food needs of this country, as well as all aspects of human care.

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