Life in the Liberated Zone

Liberated Zone flag

The JB’s Journal topic “Life in the Liberated Zone” explores activist experiments with creating and living the new world now.

Spaces such as environmental, labor or other types of encampments, where participants institute new processes in keeping with the principles of justice they’re fighting for. And, on a larger scale, liberated territories of popular movements, where participants begin enacting the changes they are struggling for–equality, participatory democracy, literacy–even while still in the midst of conflict.

Bold actions and movements get much of the notice, but the new ways people figure out to live and sustain them are a vital if less noticed aspect of social movements.

Oceti Sakowin

A Day in the Life at Standing Rock

Standing Rock, ND—Native Water Protectors and allies create encampments to sustain a massive anti-pipeline movement in a cooperative, participatory community.

globe w flags marking liberated zones

What is Life in the Liberated Zone?

Life in the Liberated Zone What is Life in the Liberated Zone? Around the world and throughout history, people struggling for social justice, and movements