Life in the Liberated Zone

Liberated Zone flag

“Life in the Liberated Zone” explores real-life experiments with creating and living the new world now.

Movements for justice, from the neighborhood to the national level, create new processes to sustain their movements materially and to begin developing in daily life the new society they’re struggling for, even though still in the grip of the old.

Media tend to highlight the more public moments of social movements–mostly the violence arising from dominant forces attempting to put them down. However, the workaday details of figuring out how to sustain themselves and develop new ways of organizing and living life in the spaces they are liberating comprise an essential aspect of people’s struggle for social transformation.

Oceti Sakowin

A Day in the Life at Standing Rock

Standing Rock, ND—Native Water Protectors and allies create encampments to sustain a massive anti-pipeline movement in a cooperative, participatory community.

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What is Life in the Liberated Zone?

Life in the Liberated Zone What is Life in the Liberated Zone? Around the world and throughout history, movements resisting oppression and fighting for freedom