Juliana Barnet

Participant-observer quest.

This website has a dual purpose. It is about the activist experience and the activist community, our nature, the delights, dilemmas and dangers of being an activist. Articles and projects focused on understanding and uplifting our community.

It is ALSO my personal experience, and the experience that those who work with me choose to share.

I have grappled a fair amount with how these two things, the general and the particular, the personal and the political (or whatever) interact. I have come to the conclusion that it is not either or but a continuum.  A continuum is a thinking tool I find very very handy in doing this work, and I employ it here. I will do my best to keep sorted what is me and what are all of us. I definitely want to avoid assumptions, generalizations, appropriations and other uncool things so common to people who belong to dominant groups. But I also can’t subsume myself or pretend I don’t have my own experience, which is, after all, the experience I know most about. I just have to watch that I don’t accord it more validity or importance than that of others. 

In general, while i make hopefully good use of the continuum, I plan to stay as far away as possible from that generally poisonous thought trap, the comparison.

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Juliana Barnet

My Books

Rainwood Series, Collective Novels written with Children, Novel/Memoir in Progress, Fiction Featuring Activists Anthology, Edited Books, Books In Spanish


Activist Culture, Fiction Featuring Activists, Life in the Liberated Zone, Neighborhood Novelists (collective writing with children), Book Talks

Mexico and Movements

Observer-participant writing from my many years living in Mexico and participating in Mexican popular education and other social movements


My artwork and art process, and art with my daughter

Bios and Press Kit

Bios of several lengths, photos, CV and related info

What I read and what I think and feel about it

My LLZ Tours

Personal experiences and observations of time spent in movements and liberated spaces with activists
Life in the Liberation zone

Local Activism and Organizing


latin american folk music, Mexico and music, DC Labor Chorus, social movement singing

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