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JB’s Journal is the blog of Protect Our Activists, with posts from JB (aka Juliana Barnet) and FRCCs on diverse aspects of Activist Culture and Experience, and updates on JB’s Quest to think together with other activists about creating a climate of understanding, caring, love, connection and protection for our indispensable fighters for planetary survival.

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journal topics:

Rainwood House Series

"Social justice mysteries" featuring activists in a house lightly haunted by past struggles and musical plumbing

Battles in the Belly of the Beast

The myriad forms that our struggles take as we confront injustice at all levels.

Activist Culture

What it means to be an activist, how we relate to one another, and the unique, complex reality we share as a community

Activist Emotional Landscape

What it feels like to be us, and how we cope with the emotional toll of being an activist.
Life in the Liberation zone

Life in the Liberated zone

Life in the spaces we carve out to begin living the new world now.
LLZ Tours Bus


...to explore activist culture. The ups, downs, bumps, bogs and FRCCs encountered along the way.

Activist Everyday Life

What daily life is like for activists in the belly of the beast we're working to transform.


Participant-observations, musings, thoughts and ideas about human nature, oppression and activist struggle

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Stories of Our People (SOOP)

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JB tests the movie Billie Elliot

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A few stories and burning questions from JB