This is a log of my explorations, my quest that I’m sharing in real time. Unlike a novel, movie or most kinds of fiction and nonfiction stories, where the creator plots the action, scopes out the scenes in advance, and knows how it’s all going to turn out before they release the story into the world, this one is getting lived, written, and shared with you as I go along.

This is a bit scary. I don’t know what’s going to happen next week, let alone next year—of course, neither do you, or anyone, so I suppose it’s actually not such a big deal, come to think of it. Together we’ll find out what’s next.

granny gus protect our activists

Together is good. Activists are all about together.

Juliana Barnet

Right! I have my trusty comrades:  Plus, I won’t wander aimlessly.  I can set destinations, look for road signs, ask directions.

JB on twisty path

Trusty POA Character-Comrades

Horrendous Untrustworthy Adversary

These will be explorations, also a quest, the story thing where the shero (in this case it’s me, because each one of us is the main character of our own story) hears a call, decides to talk action, experiences doubts, gets wise counsel, finally decides and sets off, encounters obstacles, has adventures and setbacks, meets interesting, wonderful, fun and sometimes dangerous characters (the Beast in its many guises) along the way, and eventually gets…well, someplace different and, we hope, better.

And in the process she experiences transformation, learns things, gets to new levels.

Detective Drunella

Like a game?