POA Participant-Observer Quest

Being a participant-observer in a project can get complicated, sometimes confusing, because you’re acting, observing your own experience in the action and reflecting on the reality of the action, all at the same time. This is, in reality, something we all do, but mostly we are unaware of it. Being a participant-observer means consciously including ourselves in our own analysis and writing from that meta focus.  

Having set ourselves this approach, it’s important to check in on the personal level and see what that’s like. After all, we have the fullest access to our own experience. We need to check to make sure we’re not unawarely doing things that aren’t good for our project or ourselves. Falling into holes or tripping over obstacles. You could say that self-reflection is a very important part of self-protection, both collectively and individually.
Also, it is interesting, important and fun to notice what we’re doing as we go along. And to think of it as a journey with milestones and destinations.
The posts in this category have to do with our individual experience in creating and launching Protect Our Activists.

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