Review and Create Fiction Featuring Activists

If we want full and fair representation of activists in fiction, we’d better lift up this kind of fiction when we find it, review how fully and fairly it portrays activists, and create more ourselves! 

Join us in writing and analyzing fiction featuring activists in pursuit of fuller and fairer representation of activist culture and the activist experience in fiction. Creative writing is often considered solitary, but we work together in a number of ways:

Project areas include:

  • Stories of our People (SOOP) workshops,
  • Writing group for people writing (or wishing to write) fiction featuring activists,
  • Neighborhood Novelists collective novel-writing program for children.
  • Rainwood House Series, with Rainwood House Sings, 2d. edition, with a new foreword by Danny Glover, due out in 2020. This series is Juliana Barnet’s contribution to the genre of social justice mysteries (featuring activists as the main characters, of course).
  • Reviewing Fiction Featuring Activists (FFA). Help build a list of the 10 Best Works of Fiction Featuring Activists! And the 10 Wors… um,  the 10 Most in Need of Improvement!
  • Stereotype Scrutinizers. Join us in spotting insidious stereotyping of activists, We may be surprised to find how many stereotypes we believe about ourselves!
  • Our own POA Fiction Featuring Activists Test can help you rate representation and stereotyping. We hope you’ll try it!
Once upon a time scroll with beast and activists