fiction featuring activists

Fiction Featuring Activists Review Guide

The Fiction Featuring Activists (FFA) Review Guide  is a handy aid in evaluating how fully and fairly works of fiction (WOFs) portray activists–that is, when they do so at all.

We’re compiling a list of the 10 Best and 10 Most in Need of Improvement in this new category of representing activists. Soon we’ll have awards!

What makes a work of fiction (WOF: novel, short story, feature film, TV program/series, play, narrative game, etc.) eligible for the Fiction Featuring Activists list?  Since activists are so often entirely ignored, it’s worth noting any appearance of social justice movements and activists. However, we’re really looking for WOFs with significant activist characters who participate in social justice movements.

Once we find fiction with significant presence of activists, it remains to be seen how fully and fairly they and their context are portrayed. The Fiction Featuring Activists Test helps you make this evaluation. Utilize it to analyze works of fiction you feel warrant it.

Submit your FFA Tests here, and receive a –, with our thanks. We look forward to learning about fiction that does justice to people fighting for justice by portraying them fully and fairly. We are looking to publish the 10 Best and 10 Worst FFA Awards, so start analyzing the FFA you know and love…or hate!

We’re not focusing so much on overt smears or heavy-handed  propaganda, but on mainstream fiction. 

Most mainstream fiction doesn’t make it onto the list at all, as no activists or movement appear anywhere in the stories. But for those who do, we then need to look closely at how activists are portrayed. Particularly of interest are the subtler forms of stereotyping that escape notice even by activists.  

Write in to propose additions to our list. Please include a brief explanation of what activist characters are featured and where in the WOF, so they are easily identified, and why you feel the story does, and/or does not, fully and fairly portray the activists it features, pointing out any activist stereotyping you note. The  Fiction Featuring Activists Test is very helpful in answering these questions. Your review will become part of our FFA list. Who knows, your WOF might just make the list of Best Fiction Featuring Activists…or the list of FFA Most in Need of Improvement!