Once upon a time...

Which ideas are mine and which are from other people? What does “mine” mean for anti-capitalists, inside the Beast of capitalism?

Who should get credit for ideas, in a society that operates on the fiction of individual achievement when in reality a few take advantage, in myriad ways, of the accomplishments, wealth, ideas–everything, really–of the collective of humanity and Earth’s inhabitants, without credit or compensation–let alone permission? 

What about Indigeous, Black and other POC–people of the global majority–whose work, including artwork and other creative expressions, have been appropriated without pay or acknowledgement?

What about all the women who appear nowhere and never get any credit whatsoever, yet without whom famous philosophers wouldn’t be able to do their deep studies and writing, because they wouldn’t eat or have clothes to wear? 

What about all the people who made the things the philosophers use, and those who generated by their surplus labor the commodities circulated for profit in capitalist economies and made available (at prices that are themselves hidden centers of struggle) to philosophers?

When you unpack it–something that the above words barely begin to do–credit is not easy to bestow where it is due. 

Nonetheless, we try. 


Sophie Barnet picture

Sophia Barnet-Higgins

Sophie Barnet-Higgins is the creator of most of the figures and faces appearing in the Protect Our Activists’ graphics (including the ones on this page).  She is also co-author/illustrator of Rainwood House Sings.

For POA Sophie is our go-to person for format, font, color and other design considerations. Also, Sophie and Juliana work as a team in creating many of the graphics, with Sophie executing Juliana’s ideas in graphic form.

Rini Templeton

Rini Templeton

“For 20 years an extraordinary artist-activist named Rini Templeton drew struggles of grassroots people in the United States, Mexico and Central America. She made thousands of drawings, didn’t sign them and gave them away freely, so her name remains unknown while her work is widely known, used and loved.” (From Rini Templeton’s posthumous website)

We use Rini’s drawing of marching people as the main graphic of activists on the POA website. We encourage activists to adopt and adapt her many great drawings, and acknowledge her work.

Juliana Barnet, POA Coordinator

Juliana Barnet

Juliana’s artwork centers on creating graphics to convey the concepts on this site, supporting the ideas shared in the writings about the activist experience. She conceptualizes graphics for Sophie to execute, modifying and combining these graphics when needed. Juliana also creates collages of photos and drawings, again, especially hers and Sophie’s, but also those of others. POA is committed to giving as much acknowledgement as possible to the originators of both graphics and words.

Borrowed Stuff

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