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What do Activists Need to Protect Ourselves from?

Why is it so hard for justice to prevail in the world? Why have the unceasing struggles of people around the world to overcome the violent, repressive, exploitative, irrational, bullying rule of capitalism not yet succeeded? Why has this cruel system not yet been superseded in our world by just, inclusive and compassionate social relations, […]

Do Activists Need Protecting?

Do Activists Need Protecting? After all, activists are generally the ones who make sure that others are protected, the vulnerable and oppressed everywhere. Activists are the first responders in the face of injustice, demanding immediate aid and rescue for people in bad situations of all kinds, and also calling for long term transformation of the […]

How does Understanding Protect Activists?

POA Journal Topic POA Journal Topic How does Understanding Protect Activists? Being Understood Makes Us Safer We need people to understand what activists are, what we do, and how prevalent, ordinary, connected, and kind we are. Scoffers at the last characterization would change their minds if they witnessed the amazing kindness of the mushrooming mutual […]

Where are the activists?

Where are the Activists? Activists are everywhere! Including fiction? Did someone say fiction? I LOVE fiction! I especially enjoy all the movies, novels and TV programs about everyday activists organizing for justice and creating the world we want to see.  Um, really??  And I’m a big fan of those great soaps, rom-coms, reality shows and […]

Where are the Social Movements in Fiction?

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Amidst the upsurge of racial justice and other popular movements, where is the fiction showing us the drama and adventure of activism?

Where’s the Fiction Featuring Activists?

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Where’s the Fiction Featuring Activists? Seven reasons social movements rarely appear in novels and movies  Juliana Barnet When big events hit, people seek perspective in books and movies. Now, for instance, in the midst of the Black Lives Matter uprising, libraries, bookstores, publishers and online streaming services are featuring lists of works headlined “Guides to […]

The Prepa Popular

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From Juliana Barnet’s memoir-novel The Educación of Julia (in progress), the story of becoming a teacher at a radical, student-run high school in Mexico City.

Fair Portrayal Protects Activists

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How does full and fair representation of activists in fiction help protect activists doing their risky work in the belly of the Beast?

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