Give me Fiction Featuring Activists!

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What if, alongside our go-to books and shows, we dose ourselves with fiction that is not only absorbing and entertaining but also portrays people rising up against injustice together?

What is Life in the Liberated Zone?

globe w flags marking liberated zones

Life in the Liberated Zone What is Life in the Liberated Zone? Around the world and throughout history, movements resisting oppression and fighting for freedom from domination create liberated zones. These spaces serve as refuges, rearguard spaces, and places of protection, nurture, regrouping, and material sustaining of struggles fro social transformation.  In these spaces participants […]

What is the Beast?

Activist in jaws of the Beast

What is the Beast? “The Beast” is an often-used metaphor for the system of inequality, exploitation, destruction and oppression we live in and struggle against, across history, around the globe, and in our own colonized minds and bodies. Capitalism and imperialism are the Beast, but the Beast also encompasses older social inequalities, irrationalities, isms and […]

The Activist Experience: a graphic narrative


A story in pictures of some of the delights, dilemmas and dangers of being an activist.

Protecting Activists

Do Activists Need Protecting? After all, activists are generally the ones who make sure that others are protected, the vulnerable and oppressed everywhere. Activists are the first responders in the face of injustice, demanding immediate aid and rescue for people in bad situations of all kinds, and also calling for long term transformation of the […]

What is an Activist?

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They step (or get pushed) beyond private discontent into the rewarding, challenging, risky arena of collectively pushing forward movements for social transformation.

Being Unlikable

being unlikable My browser home page  obligingly shows me articles it pulls in from mainstream cyberspace according to some method that could be considered creepy or helpful, depending on whether you enjoy having your mind read/shaped by…Google? Facebook? One algorithm to find and bind them all? I try not to be seduced too often, but […]

Neighborhood Novelists in the Wall’s Shadow

Working hard on Zombie Elementary

Neighborhood Novelists in the Wall’s Shadow US-Mexico Border Collective Novel-Writing Project [More info soon…]

Stuff Attachment

In our consumerized culture, those privileged to have things tend to suffer from “stuff attachment.” Mine is an activist, counterculture version of this malady.

Murder in My Milieu

Being murdered is an occupational hazard of being an activist. How many activities can this be said of?