Supporting Social Justice Actions During the Covid-19 Pandemic, 2021
Ribbon cutting for the Asociación Cultural de Ayuda a la Comunidad community center, Mexico City, 1987

On this page is my participant-observer “field notebook” for direct observations on grassroots action in the activist community.

Sometimes I reflect on an event or workshop that I give, help organize, or attend; sometimes a behind-the-scenes process or a specific look at how life and activism intersect. Other times I might muse on some aspect of activist action I’m experiencing, observing, or discussing with fellow activists–in my neighborhood, at home, or anywhere. I personally do a few kinds of activism, but one of the beauties of activism is the infinite number of ways we all can fight for justice, peace, and planetary survival, at any and all levels.

As one expects in a notebook, these are rough thoughts, from my standpoint as an anti-colonial anthropologist. (Find more developed articles and essays in the Activist Explorer Newsletter and in JB’s Journal.) Rough or ready, all my writing pursues a deeper understanding of the activist experience.