JB explores the wilds of Delaware USA

Activists live in the belly of the Beast* we’re struggling to transform. What’s that like? How does it affect us? How is our experience as activists unique?
As an anthropologist and lifelong participant-observer of activist life, I explore the culture, customs, language, thinking, and representation in popular consciousness of the social justice activist community. That includes looking more deeply into the nature of being an activist, how this happens, what’s unique about our culture, including what “activist culture” means and why it’s important.

We explore questions like…

  • What is activist culture? What does it mean to be part of the greater activist community?
  • How does it affect us to live our lives in the belly of the Beast we’re struggling to transform?
  • What’s it like to carve out spaces to experiment with new ways of living and thinking, creating bits of the new world we strive for?
  • Exactly how does the Beast in whose belly we live get inside our own minds and hearts? How do we resist its relentless efforts to divide, confuse, and isolate us?
  • How do we embrace our human nature to further organizing for change, and to resist ways this nature is manipulated by the Beast?

I hope you will think with me about these questions, on our quest for greater understanding, to strengthen and grow our community, which is…

GG Absolutely necessary for justice, peace and planetary survival

DD a super exciting mysterious adventure,

SP super difficult, with all you fractious humans, and

JB fascinating and fun!