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Love and Protect Activists

What exactly do you mean by love?

granny gus protect our activists

Emma Goldman, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara and many others talk about revolutionary love, movement-building love–the root connection binding together our activist community, the driving force of social transformation…

Detective Drunella

Sounds fishy.

sour puss protect our activists

I love fish!

Detective Drunella

So what exactly do you mean by love, I mean, for activists?

granny gus protect our activists

Well, there’s mutual support and solidarity, of course, though I guess even that needs clarification. Loyalty, comaradeship, enthusiasm, being pleasant and agreeable to one another…

sour puss protect our activists

Agreement among activists? Not happening!

granny gus protect our activists

We probably agree a lot on the bigger principles–peace, love, justice and understanding–that kind of thing.


But the Beast is in the details!

granny gus protect our activists

I hate to agree with the Beast on anything, but that’s true. We need more precise understanding about what love is, how we protect it from the wiles of the Beast, who does all it can to sow mistrust and hate among us.


I love hate!
I hate love!!! 

Juliana Barnet

Yes, well…let us know what you think love among activists is, how we can protect it, and how it can protect us.

Send in your comment using the contact form. We’ll start an open comments section when we figure out how to maintain a loving tone there.

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Expressions in Use and in Development on this Site

building blocks

Activist Community. [See What is Activist Culture?]

Activist Culture. [See What is Activist Culture?]

Beast. A well-known metaphor encompassing the system of inequality, exploitation, destruction and oppression we live in and struggle against, across history, around the globe, and in our own colonized minds and bodies. Capitalism and imperialism are The Beast, but The Beast also encompasses older social inequalities, irrationalities, isms and cruelties that the current system adopts and adapts to its purposes.

Colonized. Occupied and taken over by the Beast, at many levels and in many forms. I prefer this term to “internalized” when referring to the forcible invasion of our minds, bodies and spaces by the oppressive system, because it references the violence of colonization and the lack of agency (but not lack of responsibility to resist) of the colonized. This use of the term does not equate mental colonization we all experience with the devastating territorial colonization specific peoples around the world face, which is a central tool of capitalist development. Rather, it points to the reality that our minds are battlegrounds the Beast takes over unless resisted.

Fiction Featuring Activists. [coming soon]

Friend-Relation-Colleague-Comrade (FRCC). Attempt at summing up what activists are to one another–a deep, multifaceted, complex connection that deserves more exploration.

Human Nature.

Liberated Zones. Spaces activists create in the midst of social justice movements, to meet basic needs, find refuge, build solidarity, and experiment with new ways of life they want to see and are struggling to win in the whole society.

People of the Global Majority. [coming soon]

Protect. The range of individual and collective actions, from gentle to tough,  needed to focus on, safeguard and sustain the activist community. More here.

Reality-Fiction Continuum. [coming soon]