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Juliana Barnet

Protect Our Activists activities in our two intersecting projects include:

Activist Culture

Participatory and Action Research, Discussion and Reflection  on Activist Experience and Culture


reality fiction

Fiction Featuring Activists

Collectively Creating and Reviewing Novels and Films with Full and Fair Portrayals of Activists

Detective Drunella

Cool. How do you participate?

Juliana Barnet

Start by testing movies, novels, plays and other works of fiction (WoFs) with the Fiction Featuring Activists Test (aka Barnet Test) rating the works of fiction you watch and read for full and fair representation (or not!) of activists.

granny gus protect our activists

Go on by adding your stories, questions, experiences, lamentations and reflections to the SOOP pot, using the  SOOP (Stories of our People) Activist Anecdotes Questionnaire.

Any topic is good, but if you have direct experience on any of the project areas, those are especially welcome!

Juliana Barnet

For ways to participate and collaborate in the above projects–including inviting me to speak or give a writing workshop on any of them, please get in touch! To assist in getting Protect Our Activists and the future Activist Culture Center off the ground, including doing paid work, visit the Help!! page.

If you’re a Beta Commentator–a vital form of participation!–use the Beta Launch Feedback Survey.

sour puss protect our activists

More participation opportunities coming soon:

  • discussions on activist culture;
  • collective novel-writing about activists by activists;
  • real life and virtual Life in the Liberated Zone tours
  • Fiction Featuring Activist Test–help compile a list of the Ten Best works of fiction and the Ten WoFs Most-in Need of-Improvement!

[in process, coming soon…]

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Stories of Our People (SOOP)

Sample filled-out FFA Test:
JB tests the movie Billie Elliot

Sample filled-out SOOP Questionnaire:
A few stories and burning questions from JB